The largest indoor nautical fair in the world kicks off in Dusseldorf

The largest nautical event in the northern hemisphere takes place in Dusseldorf

On Saturday, January 21, the largest indoor nautical fair in the world kicks off, featuring 1,500 exhibitors, 17 pavilions, an area the size of 31 football stadiums, and representation from 60 countries.

From January 21 to 29, 2023, the 17 pavilions will be filled with over 1,500 exhibitors showcasing everything related to the sea: shipyards, accessory manufacturers, electronics, diving, charter services, state-of-the-art equipment, and innovations. This year, the fair focuses on internationalization, with over 60 represented countries and 65% of foreign exhibitors.

In Dusseldorf, everything is designed to satisfy sea lovers: take a canoe for a family ride on an artificial river, try sliding in the wave pool in the slide area, take the first dip in a brand new pool, or discover impressive yachts. In 2023, the fair will also be the hub of "blue innovation," with daily presentations by visionaries, politicians, and investors to prepare the industry for the future.


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